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About Matt’s Greenwood Auto Care

Finding an auto shop near you can be a hard and stressful task, especially finding one you can trust. At Matt’s Greenwood Auto Care, we make it a priority to take care of our customers with all their car needs; with safety, time efficiency, and customer satisfaction being at the top of our list. Our hand picked team of experienced, highly trained technicians are ready and able to tackle all of your auto service needs, from basic maintenance, to heavy repairs, to computer and electronic systems diagnostics and repairs.

Matt’s has been around since 1998, since that time we have expanded our operations by adding a second location. The original being on Greenwood and the newest on Aurora. Both locations have an outstanding staff that possess the same morals of making your experience as pleasant as possible. Walking through the front door you are greeted with a kind smile and a ‘hello, how can we help you.’ You may even meet the shop dog, Reggie, on your visit in. To make an appointment give us a call at either of our locations and we’ll set up a time for you to come in.
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What we can do for you

Inspections Inspections on a vehicle are like a physical for a person. It provides you with a picture of the overall health of the vehicle. Included in the inspection:
  • Road test
  • Brake stopping ability
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Lights
  • Wipers and sprayer nozzles
  • Tires
  • Brake pads/rotors
  • Brake shoes/drums
  • Emergency brake
  • Calipers
  • Tires
  • Battery
  • Charging system
  • Electrical system
  • Spark plugs
  • Fluids – levels and condition
  • Axles, axle boots
  • Struts/shocks
  • Exhaust
  • Overall condition of the vehicle
  • Computer scan
All inspections are performed or supervised by an ASE certified technician. Preventive Maintenance

Following your vehicle manufacturers recommended maintenance schedule is the least expensive form of insurance you can get to help ensure and extend the life of your vehicle. Regular oil and filter changes will help keep the interior components of your engine clean and running smooth. The same is true for your transmission, differentials and in the case of 4WD vehicles the transfer case.

Components that require regular replacement include (contact one of our service writers for your specific vehicle manufacturers maintenance schedule):

  • Oil and oil filter
  • Engine air filter
  • Coolant
  • Drive/accessory belts
  • Cabin air filter
  • Brake pads, rotors, shoes, drums, fluid and associated components
  • Engine timing belt
  • Tire rotation

This is just a sample listing and your vehicle may have others.

Oil Change Oil changes are probably one of the least expensive services you can perform on a vehicle but they provide the greatest return. Regularly changing your oil and filter as per the manufacturers recommendation will do more for extending the life of your vehicle than any other single service. Our oil changes are performed or supervised by a ASE Master Technician. Oil changes include:
  • Drain and fill the oil
  • Install a new oil filter
  • Install a new crush washer on the drain plug
  • Clean up any oil mess created
  • Top up all fluids
  • Check all exterior lights (replace if necessary**)
  • Check and set if necessary tire pressures
  • Visual inspection of the vehicle
  • Check any watch items noted in previous visits
  • Reset the maintenance reminder, if applicable
** Replacement bulbs are at bulb cost with no labor. Some bulb replacements do have a  labor cost due to the difficulty in accessing the bulb. Computer Diagnostics Vehicles today run via sophisticated electronic control modules. The computer receives information from a large number of sensors and then uses that information of determine the best combination of gas, air and ignition for any given situation. But there are times when things go wrong and by accessing your vehicle’s computer, our technicians can verify the operation of engine components. Such as:
  • Ignition System
  • Fuel injection System
  • Emissions systems
  • Electrical systems
  • Anti-lock Brake System (ABS)
  • Restraint Systems
A OBD code reader can only tell you where the engine control module is sensing a problem. But it cannot tell you what is actually causing the problem. That requires more extensive diagnostic testing. Our technicians use a multitude of scanners, diagnostic test systems and a network of up to date diagnostic information our technicians utilize as much information as possible. This information allows our technicians to make a well educated determination of the best course of action to get your vehicle operating at it’s best. If you do use, or have somebody do it for you, an OBD reader please don’t clear the code if you intend to bring it in to any repair facility. The engine control module not only stores the diagnostic code, it also take a snapshot (Freeze-frame data) of the engine conditions and stores it with the code. When you clear the code, it also clears the stored data. Data that technicians use to help diagnose the issue. Brake Repair Brakes are a very important system to the safe operation of your car. With that in mind, they should be checked at least once a year to make sure your vehicle remains safe to drive. Make an appointment for a brake inspection if you notice any of the following:
  • A high-pitched squeak when you use the brakes
  • A scraping or grinding sound when not braking
  • Shaking or vibration in the brake pedal when stopping
  • Requiring more brake pedal pressure to stop.
To maintain properly working breaks
  • Never drive with the parking brake on
  • Have your brake fluid tested and replaced as often as necessary
  • Have your brakes inspected at least once a year
Suspension and Alignment Maintaining the suspension components and the wheel alignment of your vehicle helps provide you with a safe and comfortable driving experience. It takes a trained technician to determine whether or not an issue is a safety or comfort issue. Worn out struts and shocks give you that boat-like bounce when you hit bumps and is what causes the front of your vehicle to “nose-dive”  during hard braking. Keeping the wheels in alignment helps your vehicle provide you with a safer driving experience. A properly aligned vehicle will drive straighter and brake straighter with less effort on your part. You should have your vehicles alignment checked and adjusted any time you :
  • Have suspension work done,
  • When you have new tires installed
  • If you notice that your steering wheel is not centered (turned) when you are driving straight on a flat road.
Emission System Even though the Washington State Department of Ecology has ended the emissions testing program, it’s still in your best interest to keep your emissions system in proper working condition. Not only to keep the air we breath cleaner but when the engine control module senses an emission problem, one of it’s first reactions is to increase the amount of fuel being delivered to the engine thereby reducing your fuel economy. Sometimes substantially. The emission system is quite extensive. Starting at the air intake (air temp, density and flow) and at the fuel tank (the vapor evaporative system) through the engine and out the exhaust (oxygen sensor(s) and catalytic converter). Cooling System A cooling system maintain an optimal operating temperature  that allows the engine work more effectively. The overall cooling system also includes your vehicles cabin heating/defrosting which uses the hot coolant as it’s heat source. What we check
  • Hoses for signs of cracking and wear
  • Drive belts for signs of cracking or excessive wear
  • Your fluid level and condition
  • Deposit or fluids that may indicate system damage or leaks
  • That all of the cooling components, fans, and the thermostat are functioning correctly
Failure to properly maintain the cooling system can lead to catastrophic engine failure due to over-heating. Heating and AC Heating and A/C system components wear over time. Routine maintenance helps maintain your vehicles cabin temperature at a comfortable level for you and your passengers regardless of outside conditions. Whereas neglected components will wear and eventually fail. Your heating and A/C system keeps your vehicle cabin warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The A/C system also helps your defrost in the winter. Heating systems consist in a heater core and A/C systems have a condenser core, both are similar to a small radiator, fan(s), dampers that direct the heated/cooled air to different vents, and hoses that move the hot engine coolant to the heater core or expanded coolant gas to the A/C condenser. Unlike residence heating and cooling systems, your heater and A/C don’t completely operate off electric parts, however they make use of the engine’s heat energy and the engine’s cooling down capacities to alter the temperature. How do you know if your heating and A/C are having problems:
  • If your air conditioning blows air that’s just a little cooler than outside air
  • Your cabin does not warm up in winter, or is just somewhat warmer than outside
  • Your windows take much longer to defrost. Or don’t defrost at all
  • Your heater blows unheated air or the A/C blows warm air
  • At the highest settings, your vents don’t output much air
A comprehensive inspection of your heating and A/C systems includes:
  • Checking the blower
  • Inspect the cooling system
  • Check the heater hoses and heater components for leaks
  • Examining the accessory drive belt
  • Test the A/C system for leaks (both under pressure and vacuum)
  • Check the interior vent air temperature
As a future time-saving measure we can add a dye to the A/C refrigerant to enable technicians to quickly locate any leaks in the future. Pre-Purchace Inspection

Let Matt’s Greenwood Auto Care give any pre-owned Japanese vehicle you’re looking at purchasing a full mechanical inspection before you buy it. With the inspection report you will now be able to make an informed decision about the value of the vehicle.

Inspections on a vehicle are like a physical for a person. It provides you with a picture of the overall health of the vehicle.

Included in the inspection:

  • Road test
  • Brake stopping ability
  • Vehicle Handling
  • Lights
  • Wipers and sprayer nozzles
  • Tires
  • Brake pads/rotors
  • Brake shoes/drums
  • Emergency brake
  • Calipers
  • Tires
  • Battery
  • Charging system
  • Electrical system
  • Spark plugs
  • Fluids – levels and condition
  • Axles, axle boots
  • Struts/shocks
  • Exhaust
  • Overall condition of the vehicle
All inspections are performed or supervised by an ASE certified technician.

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During these trying times

During these trying times, Matt’s Greenwood Auto Care is remaining open to serve your automotive needs at both of our Seattle locations. While we have always maintained a clean environment in our shops, we have adopted additional precautions per CDC and WHO guidelines to reassure and maintain the health of our employees and customers.

In order to maintain social distancing as the COVID-19 virus remains active, our preferred drop-off method is via our key-drop envelopes and slot and our preferred pickup option is via our vehicle lockout option both during the day and after-hours. We also recognize that this option doesn’t always work, so our office is open but on a limited basis.

Our waiting room is temporarily closed. If you still wish to wait for your service to be completed, we kindly ask that you do not wait inside and instead opt to take a walk around the neighborhood.

If you already have an appointment, but don’t feel comfortable keeping it, please give us a call and we can either re-schedule for a later date or cancel the appointment and you can contact us later to re-schedule.

With cancellations come opportunities for scheduling service. Give us a call at either our Aurora location 206-257-5748 or our Greenwood location 206-789-1850 to see what’s currently available! 

This is a tough time for everyone. Lets all work together to help minimize the spread of this Virus.